Lucky Ducky is the first family friendly, hand crafted, claymation generative project on the Ethereum network.

Every element of Lucky Ducky started out as a simple ball of clay, handcrafted into these little duckies, and brought to life by the magic of claymation. Each minted lucky ducky was made to be appreciated by all ages, great and small. All assets and characteristics are family approved!

Lucky the Ducky is known around the pond for getting out of trouble. One day, after getting bored swimming around the same old watering hole, he hatched a plan. He said, “Let’s find disguises and get into a little mischief, Lucky Ducky friends!”

Soon you’ll be able to mint your very own Lucky Ducky NFT and follow the adventures of Lucky Ducky and each and every mischievous Ducky…

Each Lucky Ducky is unique and programmatically generated from over 120+ possible traits, including clothing, headwear, expression, and more.

The Duckies are stored as ERC-721 NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and the artwork hosted on IPFS.

Ducky Raffle

3 Duckies will be raffled to 100 most active Discord community members.

Ducky Events

Lucky Ducky will be participating and sponsoring exciting upcoming IRL events.

Getting Ducking Serious

The Discord team will bring on a full time community manager and social media manager to facilitate more community building games and activities.

Quacking Collabs

Lucky Ducky will continue to build relationships with prior collabs and exciting new nft and brand partnerships.

Fan Art

Ducky Art Contest. The Ducky community will vote on the winner and top 3 will be awarded in kids and adult categories.

Lights. Camera. ACTION!

With our backgrounds in the film and animation industries, we will begin developing a pitch bible to bring to animation studios and networks. Lucky Ducky has the potential to be the first NFT claymation kids show on TV and streaming.

Suited Up

Ducky holders and non-holders will get access to the coolest ducky merch in kids and adult sizes.

Ducky Story Time

The Ducky team will expand to include experienced writers, animators, and other top talent once we get the studio green light on the Lucky Ducky animated series.

Getting Even More Ducking Serious

We plan to expand our team with more developers, artists, and advisors to help bring Lucky Ducky into the metaverse and mainstream.

We have so many exciting things in the works that we can’t wait to share in animation, gaming, and much more. We trust that Lucky Ducky is something very special that will continue to surprise and entertain for years to come.


0fish0 / Jeremy


Founder, Visionary Ducky & Stop Motion Wizard, handcrafting each Ducky Asset out of clay



Founder & Developer Ducky building the Ducky World with code and knowhow

Gooblin Town


Designer Ducky giving the Duckies their unique charm and character



Chief Strategist Ducky and Ducky Brand Builder, connecting Lucky Ducky to the web3 world

About the Artist

Jeremy is an artist, animator, and director with 10 years experience working in the stop motion industry on shows like Robot Chicken, brands such as Hallmark and Vice, and the upcoming Marcel The Shell feature film. He launched his first NFT project “Nifty Bones” in March of 2021 on Foundation.  Since then, he has made a name for himself in the NFT derivatives field with his unique “Clay Cats” exclusively for Cool Cat holders.

His recent piece “Artist Cat in His Studio” sold at the Cool Cat LA charity auction for 4 ETH with half going to charity.  Lucky Ducky is the culmination of 10 years of know-how in the animation /entertainment industry and his experience creating NFTs.